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Hippie Goddesss Self Submission

Hippie Goddess is a celebration of the natural, alternative, erotic, female form and spirit. It is a liberal and free expression. We are now accepting self-submissions of artistic nude photo-sets for Hippie Goddess!

Hippie Goddess Self submissions is a new concept that we hope will expand the energy and spirit of the site. All artists are paid a fee for their submissions should it be featured on the site.

We only accept a limited number of self style shoots each month. All photos received will be reviewed for possible inclusion on Hippie Goddess. Those being accepted will be sent an email soon there after.

To submit your photos, you will need.

* To be natural, unshaven (the wilder the better) and in fit good shape.
* A digital camera of at least 3 mega pixels (higher quality than your web cam)
* A reliable Internet connection or a CD-ROM burner
* A valid government issued photo I.D. (passport, driver’s license) – You must be over 18 years old at the time you were photographed to contribute to HippieGoddess
* A friend with basic camera skills
* Goddess Energy

The process works like this

1. Decide you really want to do this.
2. Take 5 sample shots (at least 1600×1200 resolution) using a variety of angles and poses and Use A LOT of light!.
3. Fill in the form below and attach your pics.
4. If we like your style (based on creativity, clarity, originality, energy, natural, erotic, playful, sensual, Goddess imagery.) we will ask you to create a full set for us. A set consists of 80-120 pics with varied movements and angles. (Smaller sets will be considered also.) We seek expressive, creative, varying, images with a lot of energy. Have fun creating your photos!!
5. Send us some info about yourself that you want on the site. Send us a CD zip file or we can provide a place for you to ftp upload the images. Complete the model release that we will have sent you via email and email or fax it back to us, collect your artist fee. Artists fee is 100 dollars for a set of 80 – 120 usable photos. (150+ images is a good idea to send in order to assure 120 are usable.) Smaller sets may be considered for a lesser artists fee, to be negotiated.

First NOTE: Copyright info: All photos paid for by Hippie Goddess will be owned by us. We don’t mind you using them for personal use, to show friends, etc… We ask that you do not use them commercially and you can’t allow them to be used anywhere else on the internet.(With the exception of portfolio, self advertisement or linkings from blogs, stories, or personal non pay web pages back to .) Please do not submit any photo which has already been published elsewhere, or which somebody already owns copyright over.

Second NOTE: At this time we are only considering submissions from female contributors.

Suggestions on shooting your set

While it’s possible to shoot yourself using a cameras self timer, it is difficult to get 100 plus images that look diverse in this way. Have a friend shoot you if at all possible.

Make the shots as diverse as possible. 100 pictures of someone sitting in the same chair is pretty boring no matter how interesting the chair.

Shoot in interesting places. Location can be a huge factor. Unique and interesting locations such as old funky buildings, deserts, riversides, etc… can make a set truly stand out.

Shoot in sunlight if possible. Even a somewhat cloudy day is going to give you a lot more light than shooting indoors. Avoid shadowy areas for clear non grainy looking photos.

Set your camera to the maximum quality for largest file size.

Free flowing, creative, expressive movement is often much easier than posing for individual shots.

While Hippie Goddess is an artistic nude style site, we also focus on the female form as well as female sexuality. While photo sets don’t need to be lewd, be aware that most of the shoots we accept have some explicit images mixed into any given set.

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Once you have been accepted, please use this model release.

Just click onthe image and print out the full release, fill in leaving the PRODUCERS section blank