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The Wisdom of Time

We decided to do the second of our summer shoots here in our new home with yet another returning Goddess.
I picked Wisdom up at the train station in the early afternoon. Despite hot days just prior, the Portland skies looked primed for rain and clouds. dt2009-06-02-14-05-18sn001badscvo5686Of course the rain started just about the time we got setup, but instead of panicking as we may have done if we were out and about, we simply used a canopy we had as well as an umbrella to protect the cameras and did the shoot.

The clouds made a nice soft box in the sky and with the help of the speed lights we used some shaded areas like the one in the photo to the left. Emma created a nice effect in a small area under an overhang where we did that set.

We finished the shoot in the pool, which we have used only once before for a shoot and the clear water really stands in contrast to the heavy greens that many of our shoots feature.

This shoot will also feauture our second erotic video clip, following the self pleasure video of Diana

Wisdom hopefully will be in Portland a little more often and we certainly expect to see her back on Hippiegoddess!

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